Window xp normal process



My system runs very slow in processes many program runs any one can show me normal xp process


The processes that run in the task manager are sometimes general system processes, and some are unique to you and your software.

If you're curious about specific processes that are utilizing CPU usage, google them. You can usually find out what they belong to.
In order to speed up, you will usually need to do several things:
A. delete as many unused programs or unnecessary processes as possible.
click my computer
click control panel
click add remove software
now tell us whats on the list of installed software

B. Find out how much RAM memory you have installed:
click my computer
click control panel
click system
Now tell us how much RAM memory is installed.

C. Run scan for malware and spyware:
Use only highly trusted, highly recommended, well known scans. Beware of online scams that promise they will fix or clean your computer. Don't fall for scams that will wind up infecting your computer with viruses. There's lots of them out there.

D. One well known source that you can use is: /homeusers/solutions /activescan/
take the spaces out of the above link before copy and paste to browser window
This is one source that is safe and effective. When a computer gets infected with spyware and other junk, it will slow down considerably.

E. What security anti virus are you using? Using multiple mismatched security programs can slow your system down a lot also. Depending on what you are using there can be better choices that free up your system and protect the computer better. Beware of fake anti virus downloads, the internet is full of them.

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