windowed applications drastically lower performance when they didn't before

Aug 24, 2018
i have a ryzen 1800x, gtx 1080, and 16gb of ram. my system os is on a m.2 ssd, and my games are on a 4 tb hard drive.

when i run games in full screen mode they run fine at a high fps varying depending on the game, but if for some reason the game opens in windowed mode, or if i run heaven benchmark, my frame rate drops down below 15 fps. the thing i noticed with the benchmark was if i brought msi after burner in front of it and had it as the active application, heaven would run fine and my gpu would be at 99%, but if i click on heaven and make that the main application so that nothing else is in front if it, my gpu goes down below 10% load and the frame rate drops to unacceptable levels.

this is really confusing and i havent found a way to fix it. its really annoying when a game opens in windowed mode and i have to navigate to the settings to change it back to full screen at 2 fps.

please help.

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