Question Windows 10 21H1 - Boot Loops/Shutdown turns to Reset


Oct 16, 2019
Hey guys!

So for the past few days, I am facing issues with my current OS windows 10 21H1, the main problem is whenever I'm rebooting my pc it keeps on this reboot loops especially 5 seconds after windows are logging in - screen going black and it reboots, Also when I try to shut it down it reboots instead After few tries it shuts down.
I removed my RAM sticks but It didn't help at all.
I was trying to figure through troubleshooting options when windows are going to this mode after having few reboots, but also crash in this "Repair" mode and reboots lol, trying to figure out what to do in this case and If it is a hardware problem or software,
What do you guys suggest to do in this case?

Windows is about 4-5month old since I made a new clean install when I received my new rig.

Huge thanks for the help.
Boot into safe mode and and disable all startup programs.
See if you can boot into normal mode.

If you can boot into normal mode and everything seems to operate fine start enabling startup programs one by one until you find the culprit.

Did this start after install a particular program?