Question Windows 10 activation problem

Austen Robinson

Apr 1, 2013
I upgraded to win 10 when they were offering from windows 7 back in the day. The computer I upgraded it on died so I was able to find a way to copy the OS to a USB and install it on the new machine. It works but I need to change some of the settings and until its activated the settings are all greyed out. I was able to find the key for windows 10 on my old system but when I put that key into the activation provided by Microsoft it doesnt work and said it is not a valid key.

How can I activate it?
Usually if you login to the new machine with your Microsoft account it will activate.
What happens when you try to activate now?
If it says it can't activate then try to enter the Windows 7 key, if it is the one from the sticker on the old computer.