Question Windows 10 Audio Book recommendations?

Oct 6, 2020
I am putting together a computer for Streaming. I show PowerPoint presentations via Zoom and Skype. I have two problems. The first is an audio distortion that comes and goes during meetings. It last only a few seconds and then works correctly for several minutes. On Zoom it happens when the person speaking changes. It is often accompanied by a video lag. My second problem is that sometimes one program, say Zoom, gets the webcam and will not let go. I end Zoom and start Skype and get no video. The same can happen with OBS. When I switch Audio sources sometimes I do not understand the choices. I am looking for a book that will explain the architecture in Windows to make trouble shooting easer. Perhaps this would be a small part of a larger book. Today I got a skype call with no audio. It took a while to remember that I was using the headphones on the mic yesterday and that is where I found the Skype audio. This was the case even though I was watching a YouTube video using speakers at the time. Some changes persist through turning off applications and reboots while others do not.

If anyone knows of something that I could read that would allow me to make a diagram of how this works I would be very appreciative. Currently I am figuring things out by trial and error.

I am beginning to suspect that distortion is an internet problem. It happens with Zoom or Skype. It happens with or without OBS Studio. It happens with the mic in my Logitech BRIO webcam and it also occurs when my Elgato Wave 3 is in use. My download speed usually measures near 170 megabit and my upload is usually 11 megabit.

My request is for reference materials. I am working these problems in detail with Elgato, my ISP and MSI.