Question Windows 10 Boot delayed issue.

Jun 25, 2019
Hello to the community ,
I'm new here and would like to get assistant with a issue i'm going through !
I have builded a new system few months ago everything worked great!
Okay well let me describe the issue.

whenever i turn on the system the BIOS is delayed for like 10 to 40 seconds after the bios is loaded the windows will be loaded very quick like in 4 seconds or even less.
i have changed few BIOS settings in the past for Memu app that requires me to change my CPU virtualization ON so i did for boosting my android games (It's a android simulation programm).
well , after i changed it i didn't feel any changes in the booting i didn't have any delayes so i'm pretty sure this is not the issue and it's something else i can't think of.

System information

CPU - I7 6800K

Motherboard - Asus X99-E

Memory - Corsair Vengance 16x2 (2400mhz).

PSU - Corsair CX 850M

Hard drives - 2000GB HDD , 120GB SSD , 512GB M.2 Samsung.

OS - Windows 10 installed on a (512GB m.2 ssd).

CPU cooler - Cooler master MA610P

Graphic card - EVGA gtx 1070 FTW

Fans - 3 RGB fans installed on a hub , 2 Corsair fans installed on the board.

Case - Corsair carbide C400 white.

Extras - Installed an RGB light 12v connected with a Molex connector for remote controlling.

Latest Bios have been installed as well.
Waiting forward for useful comments.