Question Windows 10 boot loop data recovery

Sep 19, 2020
About 3 weeks ago I was using my laptop just fine. It started to launch quite slowely but I didn't think much of it. Later that evening I tried to reboot the laptop, it froze completely at the desktop with just chrome opened. It was frozen for about 10 minutes when I turned it off by pressing and holding the power button. After trying to reboot it, it got to the "Acer" logo and the loading circle and then the screen turned black again until it showed the Acer logo again. Thus it is in a boot loop.

I want to recover my files very badly because a lot of my school work is on this laptop. So I tried a couple of things:

I made a bootable USB flashdrive after this happened. After trying some things I got into the UEFI interface where I prioritized the USB as the bootable drive. I chose the option "repair your computer" and then "troubleshoot". After that I tried the option system restore and checked all the drives I had, everytime it said that there wasn't a restore point available (which I thought I did have). So that didn't work for me.

Next step I tried was entering the X:\sources>notepad and then file --> open. All my drives are visible here, but my D drive does not show any available or used GB's (all the other drives do). When I try to open the D drive where my all my files are located its says "you need to format the disk in drive D: before you can use it".

After that I tried to enter the "X:\sources>xcopy D:\ F:\files /s /e /h /i /c /y" command into the command prompt which resulted in "invalid drive specification 0 files copied" using exactly this command but instead of D:\ I tried to use C:\ which did work. But C isnt the folder I try to save my data from.

The SSD is still showing in the DISKPART --> LIST DISK list. This combined with the fact that it show in the notepad folder thingy I think the SSD hasn't died. But that is just an assumption.
And yes, I know it is always a wise idea to backup the files that are on the laptop. But I bought an external drive just to do that the week before, but didn't have the time yet...

is there any way to recover my files?
Is formatting the drive through the notepad harmful? Or even usefull?

Is the "startup repair" an option?

Thanks in advance for anyone who might reply.

After trying the command wmic --> diskdrive get status it says:
pred fail
Questions above are still the ones I want to ask.
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