Question Windows 10 BSOD on boot (winload.efi 0xc00000e)


Mar 19, 2015
So, a month or so ago i reinstalled my windows 10 with the built in tool (clean install), and since then, every 2nd or 3rd boot i keep getting a BSOD referring to winload.efi with error code 0xc00000e. I've been trying to fix it on my own, but now i admit my defeat and seek help.
Here's a list that i did to repair it :
  • msconfig - edited the boot table, so that the only operating system that shows, is the one i want to boot from
  • Tried to repair with the built in "Repair" function at troubleshooting
  • Tried command prompt at troubleshooting: Bootrec /fixmbr, Bootrec /fixboot, Bootrec /rebuildbcd. The bootrec / fixboot command returned that i have no permission to do that.
  • Tried fixing the MBR using third party software
  • Tried tweaking bios boot settings
  • Run a full virus/malware scan using multiple software
Now, for the interesting part: when i get a BSOD, no matter how many times i restart, it wont boot. BUT. If i enter BIOS settings, do exactly NOTHING, press esc, and continue booting, it boots. Every time.

I'm getting really mad at this situation, and honestly i don't want to do a clean install again with all my software being installed and set up...


Apr 13, 2019
Found this on a Windows 7 forum; poster had the same problem..

"(w)hen i enter BIOS on boot up i dont actually have to change anything, as long as i enter it and save and exit it, it will boot, but each boot i dont even change a thing, just F2 then go right to save and exit, thats the weird part that confuses me so much."

"Try this. Enter the BIOS and change the boot order so that the HDD isn't listed. Save changes and reboot. Don't worry about the missing OS message, as it is expected. Now restart and enter the BIOS again. This time, reverse the change you made earlier and reinstate the HDD as a boot device. Save changes and reboot. What you have done is to toggle the boot setting. This sometimes helps if a setting isn't behaving as it should. Test to see if it now boots up without the need to enter the BIOS each time. "