Question Windows 10 BSOD stop code: "Critical_Process_Died" ?

Feb 7, 2022
Hi i started having BSOD since two weeks ago today. It first started appearing every three days after a boot to windows so i did the power off manually 3 times till it started to revert to stable settings in safe mode after that it works normally for 3 days and BSOD again. So i decided to reset windows and i did this yesterday and after the reset i downloaded all windows updates and necessary drivers to get my pc working optimally.

Woke up this morning and decided to boot up my pc it went into the password log in screen and as soon as i pressed enter it froze and gave a BSOD again. So i decided to check if all my drivers were up to date and they were and i also ran the commands sfc/scannow and the DISM commands on cmd as admin and they found nothing wrong with windows. What can be the cause of my BSOD? is it a memory leak? or is my HDD just dying? BSOD stop code is CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED.


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What version(not edition) of the OS are you working with? As for your motherboard, what BIOS version are you on at the time of writing? Resets don't usually do much if there's an inherent issue with the OS(i.e, a corrupt OS). The latter commands you mentioned also don't do much, they either come up with no errors or any fixes don't result in a fix.

For the sake of relevance with this thread, also include the specs to your build;
Feb 7, 2022
OS: Version 21H1 Os build 19043. 1466
Bios: version 3211
CPU: AMD ryzen 3600
Motherboard: Asus b450m-a
Ram: G.skill ripjawsV DDR4 3200 MHz 2x8gb
SSD/HDD: HDD ST1000DX001-1CM162
GPU:Nvidia geforce rtx 2060 6gb
PSU: i have a 500 W PSU cant remember the exact model but its from a company called delta electronics
Chassis: fractal design focuss G ATX-case