May 1, 2020
Over the last month or so, my 5 year-old build PC has been crashing frequently. It has frozen/crashed once in a blue moon essentially since my friend built it, but it was infrequent enough to where I didn't think much of it. However, Win 10 updated about on the 19th of April and ever since then it's been struggling with lagging and crashing. It acted somewhat stable for about a week after lots of troubleshooting, but it just crashed four times in a row and now I pretty much can't seem to get to the point of logging in or booting in safe mode - I know that the last three of the four crashes have said CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED.

I've gotten several different stop codes as well but I can't seem to pinpoint what's going on - it always claims my hardware is fine. I don't know if my OS install was corrupted or perhaps I need to update my UEFI BIOS maybe. I've hesitated to attempt updating the BIOS since it's touchy and I'm not entirely sure which files to load and run from ASRock. I've done the sfc/ scannow and a memtest, I've reset my OS, a system restore, I've added RAM, removed RAM, moved the RAM sticks around the slots, and I removed the rtwlanu.sys file in safe mode. Now it's just redirecting to the UEFI setup screen instead and it dies when I try to log in via safe mode. I'm out of ideas.

Here's a log of the dump files I've been able to record previously, if it helps, as well as my system information - I imagine the last few crashes have been the same as the most recent one in the doc since I can't access the dump files right now:

What do you think, am I boned? Should I just get a new PC? I feel like for what I invested in it it should've lasted at least... a little longer than it has.