Question Windows 10 Cannot connect to shared network drive.


May 21, 2018
Hello, let me get right into the problem I’m having. I have two computers running Windows 10 version 1903. One of them is sharing a HDD over the internet for another PC. I’m using the HDD for file history backup. After I upgraded both PCs both of them stoped allowing and sharing the network location. Before this pacific problem I had one earlier that I solved. The main PC that was using the network location to backup its files said it didn’t have permission to view the files. I when onto the PC that was sharing its HDD and I had to turn off password protection in advanced sharing setting. But it wouldn’t let me so I had to type “control userpasswords2” in RUN command and reset the “guest” account password. I set it so there is no password for guest anymore. Than I when back and it now would let me disable password protection. I hoped on the PC that was using the HDD for backups and tried to connect to the network location. But I got a new error. It says “the network path was not found” This is my problem. I don’t know what else to do and I’m lost I’ve tried disabling windows firewall on the PC that was showing its HDD over the internet.

I know that both PCs can see each other in “network” in file explorer it’s just the PC that’s using the HDD as a file backup can’t connect to it. But the one that has he HDD inside can connect and see the files of the other one.

To sum this all up I can’t connect to my file backup server. The PC sees the server but when I try to view/connect to it the errors out with “the network path was not found”

This was a lot to explain. I hope it makes some sense.
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