Question Windows 10 can't see my NVME while trying to make a clean intalation

Apr 25, 2021
I recently built my first PC. I have a Samsung ssd 970 EVO 500gb as my main and only storage unit at the moment, in which i will install Windows.
I am using an external HDD as a bootable USB device in which i have the Windows iso.

While i can see and detect my SSD in the BIOS of my motherboard, when i am trying to install Windows on it(SSD), it is undetectable. Instead of my SSD, it detects 2 partitions of my external HDD but of course ,because it is connected via USB, it is unable to make the installation there.

I tried changing settings on the BIOS but nothing worked. I then moved my NVME to the other M.2 port but again, nothing.

Any help maybe?

Thanks in advance