Question Windows 10 constantly writes to C drive, 11tb of data in 650hours

Nov 17, 2020
Hello all, I hope someone here might be able to help me becouse I am going nuts with what I realised just yesterday.

Its gonna be a bit long post but I want you to understand my whole process of thoughts and conclusion.
And sorry for bad choice of words,english is not my native language :)
I had a:
1x sandisk sata ssd 250 gb for OS drive
2x 970 evo plus 1tb for audio samples libraries
1x 860ssd for project files
1x WD 1tb hdd for audio recording/exporting

when using samsung magician I could "see" info only on samsung drives,not sandisk.
At the time, I had about 800gb of samples installed on each 970 drive,and it showed exactly that many writes history in magician software.

However, a month ago I encountered a problem, computer would freeze and go into BSOD.
Only remedy would be manual shutdown,but even then the computer would work for a few seconds or minutes and freeze again.
After many attempts and nervewrecking testing,I realised my OS drive(sandisk) was going dead.(weird becouse it was about 3 years old and I was using it exclusively for OS)
So I went to my local pc shop and asked them to clean,rebuild and repaste my sistem,and to transfer the OS to one of my 970 evo drives.
When I received my pc from the shop my new OS ssd had about 900gb writes,
and now a month later I randomly went to check and I see 11tb of write history :O
I understand c drive gets used for some user files, and other things. but I doubt it would use 10tb worth of data in less than 2 months.
I literally use my c drive just for os,and some basic programs like edge,viber,samsung magician.
All the big files,all programs for audio/video production.everything else is on other drives.

So I went into task manager, it is almost constantly at 1% use,while resource monitor shows varying writes between 10 and 500,000.
I googled quite a lot of threads regarding this and havent found a fix.
I cant believe how much data os writes to disk for no apparent reason, if I cant fix this issue,I will install my OS on good old HDD becouse at this pace,i will reach 500tb write limit in no time :(

Any help greatly appriceated
Nov 17, 2020
sleep and hibernation off?
malware scan the system?
Sleep and hibernation are off,
Powerplan set to high performance.
I tweaked the telemetry group policies but it didnt help with c drive usage.
Pc shouldnt be infected considering it just left the repair shop but I will set it for Full Scan and go to sleep now.
Be back tommorow with the results