Windows 10 Creators Edition is messing with my PC.


Nov 17, 2010
TL;DR: I sorta got it working after I kludged, fixed and did work-a-rounds of everything that could go wrong did go wrong, but I shouldn't have to. My PC was always plug and play until last week.

Windows 10 Creators Edition v1709 installed on 1/07/18. I have been looking for bugs, but all them came out of the woodwork today. Super frustrating. I had to make a lot of setting changes to get it working but it's still not as good as it was last week.

first issue:
Earlier today I found out that my Sound Blaster Z driver was reset and all of my settings and EQ's are gone. Instead of 5.1 audio, I had 1 center channel only. I figured out in order to get 5.1 surround sound to work, I have to turn the setting in the Sound Blaster app to OFF & unchecked.

main issue:
I discovered my 75Hz HP OMEN 32 monitor on a GTX 1070 had change to 59Hz.

If I changed the setting to 75 > apply > Ok. Windows changed it right back to 59. I read the manual and the monitor menu was fine. The Nvidia driver I put in December will not install from where I saved it, and I downloaded the one from this week. I looked for Nvidia Control Panel but W10CE has deleted the option. It's been gone all week but I didn't notice.

A clean (wipe all of my settings) Geforce driver install and no change. Ran Display Driver Uninstaller, rebooted and reinstalled the driver. Now Nvidia Control Panel is back but W10CE says my HP monitor is a generic monitor. I reinstall the HP driver (previously it was plug and play) now my only option is 60Hz. There is no more 59Hz or 75Hz option in Windows 10 settings. Then I tried creating a custom resolution in NvCP. The monitor menu said it was at 75Hz, but a minute later my Wolfenstein II test said 60FPS. When I quit the game the Windows setting for the monitor is back to 60Hz.

I check every little detail I can think of and find MSI afterburner doesn't have any fan speed controls. MSI is saying my GPU is a Microsoft basic video adapter even though Windows settings is reporting a GTX1070. Then I created a custom resolution profile for the game to run at 75Hz V-sync. I try to start the game but Steam has changed to be in Big Picture mode by default. Which I have never used before. My PC will run Wolfenstein at 100FPS but it has screen tearing with V-sync off.

The game is running now but it has glitches and graphic anomalies that were not there last week. What a pain and it made me so mad for 3 hours trying to fix the Windows update. It seemed like everything that could go wrong did go wrong but one thing at a time.

It's working better than the spring Creators Edition though. When that started acting weird I called Microsoft and what they told me to do fried my Windows install. Then I had to restore from backup.

I want my PC to be Plug & Play again. It's working but it's not working right.
I sort of know what I am doing. My PC is well maintained, virus free and backed up.
Making a custom setting tweak for each thing I want to do whenever I find the next bug is kind of a pain. I should probably just un-install Windows 10 Creators Edition and format my PC for a fresh start, but it worked almost a week before I started noticing all the stuff that is wrong. Because I wasn't using it to gaming until today. I mostly use Photoshop. That works alright so far.

Does anybody know how to repair W10CE without using workarounds, kludges and tweaks?