Question Windows 10 Desktop not going to sleep after set time

Brandon R

Apr 27, 2015
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TL:DR Set sleep timer from 3 hours to never and then back to 3 hours. Now computer never goes to sleep unless I force it to via power menu.

So before hand, I had my auto-sleep timer set to 3 hours. I then swapped it over to "Never" for one night because it had to download a number of updates that shouldn't have affected the computer itself (may have been updating a game).
After said night, I swapped the sleep timer back to "3 hours" but it has not worked. I will often be on the cpu in the morning to check email before I go to work or other events, and I'll come home 6+ hours later to find out that the computer is still awake and running. It won't be installing any updates, I won't have anything running on the desktop, and it still doesn't go to sleep, almost as if it's still stuck in "Never" even though the option has been set to "3 hours".

This has been going on for a few weeks and it's starting to get a tad annoying. Thankfully it has a good cooling system so there shouldn't be any issue of overheating if left on during the day. Any tips for helping to reset the sleep timer so it works properly again? Yes, I can physically hit "Sleep" from the power option list, but there are times when I forget to do this and would like to have a backup that I have confidence will work if I do leave it on during the day.
Help appreciated.