Question Windows 10 | DirectX11

Apr 6, 2020
I keep having issues with games crashing and it seems to be linked to Directx11 crashing. I have reinstalled windows at least 10 times in the past year. I've tried to update Directx11 only for it to say I have an up to date version. I've done all of the windows updates. I've tried using 1903, 1909, and 2004. It still crashes. Graphic driver, Chipset and BIOS are up to date. Temps are fine. It's happening with every single game. Risk of Rain 2, NFS Heat, R6 Siege, Rocket League. It was only Risk of Rain 2 at first but now it's happening to all of my games. I am so confused on how DirectX11 can be broken on a fresh install of windows.


Motherboard - Asus x470 Prime
CPU - AMD Ryzen 2700X, No overclock
RAM - Corsair Vengeance LPX 32GB (4X8GB)
GPU - Zotac 2080 ti 11GB
Boot Drive - Samsung 860 EVO 1TB
PSU: Corsair rm1000i
OS: Windows 10 Education 1909