Question windows 10 doesnt want to install to new SSD


Aug 16, 2013
So i have a new SSD that i am using as an upgrade for an old laptop i want to breathe some more life into, upon trying to get the SSD to boot windows, the windows installer doesnt want to install saying there is a BIOS issue not allowing it to work. but it is set up the same as my SSD that currently has Win 10 on it... and the SSD is made by the same manufacturer... i am baffled by this and am at my wits end with it, ive tried the obvious and googling it, ive tried going into the command console and reconfiguring the drive from one format to the other, but it wont move from this issue... can i please have some help.
im trying to do it on a custom pc to put in a laptop with a fresh install, i cant even get the OS installed. let alone get it near a laptop
Now I am confused.
I suggest you try to explain clearly what are you trying to accomplish.

Are you trying to install Windows on a new PC build? If so why bring the laptop into the equation.
List the components of the PC and how are you trying to install Windows.

By the way, you cannot just move the disk with Windows from a laptop to a custom PC.
In that case you will have to install Windows from a USB installation flash drive.