Question Windows 10 drive not visible to Windows 7 drive.

Aug 24, 2021
After deliberation I decided this was more of a Windows 7 issue than Windows 10 issue. I apologize if i'm wrong and put this in the wrong forum.

The issue at hand...
So I just finished setting up two Solid State drives, so when I am using the WD Black (Windows 10) I can clearly see the Windows 7 drive listed in explorer. I can also move files to and from the Windows 10 and Windows 7 drive freely. However when I boot onto the WD Blue (Windows 7) the Windows 10 drive is not listed in explorer. Is there a way to make this drive visible so I can freely move files back and forth as I can vice versa?

The specs on both drives:

Drive 1
WD Blue Solid State 1 TB 2.5 Form Factor
Installed with Windows 7 Ultimate 64
In BIOS it appears as "P0WDC WDBNCE0010PNC"

Drive 2
WD Black Solid State PCIE M2 Form Factor
Installed with Windows 10 Home 64 Bit
In BIOS it appears as "WD_Black SN7502TB"

Something also to note, this is the following entries in the "Boot Override" section of BIOS
-P2 ASUS (DVD Drive)
Windows Boot Manager (WD_Black SN750 2TB) <----This is the WD Black listed for the first time
P0 WDC WDBNCE0010PNC <----This is the WD Blue Drive
WD_Black SN7502TB <----This is the WD Black Windows 10 Drive listed for the second time?!
ST31000520ASCC32 <----I have no idea what this is, any thoughts?

Bit locker came to mind however I don't believe it even comes with my Windows 10 Home edition. As for Windows 7 when I tried to turn on Bitlocker I recieved the following message "A compatible trusted platform module (TPM) security device must be present on this computer but a TPM wasn't found, please contact your system administrator to enable Bit Locker"

Disk management on the Windows 10 Drive lists the Windows 7 drive however the Windows 10 drive is not listed in disk management for Windows 7 drive.