[SOLVED] Windows 10 driver issue

Jan 20, 2021
Ive had this issue for a while where i would have wierd mouse acceleration as well as messed up audio and recently after clean installing windows( which didnt fix the problem) a really bright wierd monitor colour calibration. When i uninstalled all my nvidia drivers all the issues simultaneously went away however this means i cannot run games as well as the other problems that may happen when you dont have graphics drivers. I tried to roll back to an older version of the driver after reinstalling my nvidia drivers but since i recently did a clean install of windows it didnt let me roll back to an older version of the driver and instead essentially uninstalled all the drivers. Does anybody know any potential fixes or a way to go back to an older nvidia graphics driver manually??
all suggestions would be appreciated. can provide any info about specs or version of windows etc if that would help solve the issue!! ps i have a gtx 1660 super
Download the latest drivers for your GPU place them on your desktop get
Display Driver Uninstaller from here
remove everything after restarting it will probably be 640x480 not great install your AMD/NVIDIA drivers and hopefully should fix your problem