Windows 10 Driver Power State Failure (once a day)


Oct 19, 2015
I have a very weird BSOD happening and I'd like some help in diagnosing the root cause. When I wake up in the morning and I start my computer (Windows 10 v1803) within about a minute i get a BSOD with error code "Driver Power State Failure". After the Windows restarts, the computer works flawlessly for the rest of the date until the next morning when this cycle repeats.

Things I've tried
* Reinstalled Windows from ISO
* Ran sfc /scannow
* Reinstalled the graphics drivers using Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU)
* Cleaned the computer from dust and checked all the connections
* Scanned the memory (no errors)
* In power settings under PCI Express > Link State Power Management I changed the setting to Maximum power savings as proposed from an article.
driver power state failure is generally a driver not responding to wake up events. This happens a lot when old drivers from windows 7 are installed and kept when updated to windows 10.

generally, you fix it by doing a bios update, then update the motherboard drivers from the motherboard vendors website. (the bios update is needed in some cases depending on when the machine was made)

generally to avoid the bugcheck (workaround) you would set the device to maximum performance so it never sleeps (not maximum poser savings which would cause the problem to happen faster)

to debug the problem you would change the memory dump type from minidump to a kernel memory dump then provide the next memory dump file c:\windows\memory.dmp

it will have the proper debug info to see what the problem is.

sometimes the minidump can help it is located in c:\windows\minidump directory

sometimes you can figure out the problem based on how long the system sleeps.
each device might have a different sleep timer. best to provide the kernel memory dump so the debug info is in the memory dump and can be read with a windows debugger.