Windows 10 eating disc space

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Jan 11, 2014
C drive is a 120 GB SSD with 11 GB for over-provisioning and system reserved (0.44 GB is system reserved). On Windows 8.1 I always had 20 GB free or so. If it started getting full, it was easy to find the cause. Windows 10 has just eaten up all my SSD space, meaning now some games cannot start.

There's hardly anything installed to C, but there's almost 30 GB of system files. How can I claim back space. There's no restore points on it either

EDIT: Don't worry, found the cause. It was Flixster. Used TreeSize to find the cause



1. WinDirStat. Post a screencap of the result here
2. Pagefile. What is it set at?
3. Still have hibernation on? Turn it off.
4. Is your System Restore actually set to 0%?
5. overprovisioning. What, specifically did you do to invoke this? Or are you misreading the difference between gigabytes and gibibytes? 120 = 111.

"C drive is a 120 GB SSD"
This is why i always say a 120GB drive is too small, unless you are diligent about what goes where.
A 120 used to be fine, several years ago. Today, not so much.
Glad you found the cause, but here's some more advice:

#1-> cleanup
file manager-> C-drive-> right-click-> "properties"
-> general-> "disc cleanup" (WAIT)

-> "cleanup system files" (WAIT)

*You'll now see several options, but look at the SIZE. You may see some huge, "OLD" backup images left over from the Anniversary Update for example.

#2) Folder Size (free)

*select C-drive for example, and click the green arrow to start. You can then order folders by size.

120GB too small?

It really depends on the user's PC experience and programs installed. If you've learned how to clean up space then don't buy a larger SSD unless it's necessary, though I'd recommend a 250GB if buying now.