Question Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2019r1809


May 29, 2010
Hi all, i need help Badly. I have Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2019r1809 on one of my Machines, i really need this, even though i have an extra Copy of Win 10. It was installed as Evaluation and i ran out of REARMS and now the usual it shuts off every hour. My question is, how can i preserve this PC without reinstalling everything all over again on the same exact OS? What i mean is, what do i do? Where do i buy a License or what do i have to do? I can not really find a License to just input a License to this system as it is and continue working. What if i go to 212H? Could i then do IN PLACE upgrade or do i have to reinstall everything? It is hard to find Licenses for these things, i mean to buy. There is nothing on Microsoft.

I am not sure about installing over the top of windows enterprise but you generally can reinstall normal windows images without losing your data. Now you still must reinstall some application software but all your files should stay on the drive. It all depends on the application, some are just a matter of recreating the desktop icon so you don't have to dig around the file manager to launch it.

Microsoft changed windows enterprise a number of years ago. Although it might be different for a huge company they move to a monthly license fee and I don't think they sell single licenses. I guess if you really want to do it and have the money to spend you can call a microsoft partner, this generally is how you get licenses in the first place.