Question Windows 10 error id 98 and random restarts/crashes

May 7, 2020
Lately I have noticed many errors occurring in the event center such as id 98, 10111,10110 etc. Accompanying these errors are crashes of games and sometimes the computer will restart after hanging for a minute or two during the crash. When it restarts it seems to run check disk for drive C; (where I have windows installed).

This computer is nearly brand new and built by myself, it's specs are;

Amd 3900x CPU
16GB ddr4 3600mhz memory from G.Skill
EVGA 2070 super xc ultra gaming
2 Samsung 870 evo nvme ssd
1 seagate firecuda sshd 2tb
ASUS TUF gaming x570 mobo

What could be causing this? Do I need to RMA my SSD or is there something within Windows 10 causing these problems? I have attached a copevent log immediately after the computer crashed while playing brawlhalla, restarted, ran check disk, and back into windows. This seems to happen when watching youtube videos or doing other random tasks so it isn't related to brawlhalla.