Question Windows 10 Event 41 Kernel-Power, only when playing certain games


Jan 8, 2016
I have recently been experiencing some weird pc crashes where my pc just shuts off without warning, then restarts. I checked the event viewer and found out that the error 41 Kernel-Power was the reason. I've done some research and from what I can find, the issue is power-related, so faulty PSU, overheating and instant shutdown, etc. The weird thing is it only happens when I am playing certain games, two examples are "Ark: Survival Evolved" and "Satisfactory". Not too long ago I was playing Satisfactory 8 hours a day for a week straight, no problems at all (2-4 months ago), then I stopped playing it. I just tried booting it up yesterday, as soon as I was loaded into my world (literally), my pc shut down as it does sometimes. I tried multiple times since, the same thing, but I can play CS:GO for hours at a time without a problem... If anyone has some clues as to what the problem is likely to be or just could be, I would really appreciate the help. Also, I often keep track of my PC's parts temperatures, and that does not seem to be the problem. Thanks in advance!

Edit: Of course, any information you need I'll do what I can to get for you!

Edit: Specs:
GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti
CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 1800X Eight-Core
PSU: Smart SE 730W (Only info I can find without unplugging it, which I don't want to do unless absolutely necessary)
Motherboard: PRIME X370-PRO
- Windows on SSD
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Hey there,

List your PC specs.

As you've pointed out, it's likely the PSU. Random restarts like that at load, normally relate to a PSU failing. You might consider getting a replacement soon, before it potentially takes out some of your PC hardware.

We can recommend a suitable replacement once you list your specs.