Question Windows 10 - Everything Errors?

Jun 15, 2019
I have done some searching around the forum and didn't come across a situation similar to mine.. but maybe I'm not even searching for the correct terms? I am a fairly basic compute user, please forgive me if I've ended up in the wrong place all together.

My laptop has been essentially 'down' for several weeks now.. and every attempt at a fix has either just not worked or given me an error. I could be missing something super basic, or maybe it's a hardware thing that I'm too naive to understand..?

A few weeks ago, upon startup, my laptop was incredibly slow.. like Chrome takes several minutes to open slow. I tried to access the task manager and after several minutes an 'inpage error' message pops up.. this is the same error I get when I try to load the command prompt as an administrator. After this happened I tried all the 'usual fixes' and nothing has worked and I'm all out of ideas.. even after multiple Internet searches and purchasing a 'FixIt' stick online.

So far I've tried:
System Restore - Error, failed to extract file
System Reset - Error, no changes made
Startup Repair - Ran for sometime, then restarted, no change
Go Back to Previous - Error, no changes
FixIt Stick - Ran for over 20 hours, found nothing

I also can't try anything through the task manager or command because of the inpage error.

If anyone has any ideas on what to try next.. or knows that my attempts will be fruitless, I would really appreciate the help.