Question Windows 10 freezing on new PC

Jul 5, 2019
So I finished buliding my new PC yesterday, also the day the parts came.
Parts: I5 9600k
Be Quiet - Dark Rock 4
MSI Z390-a pro
Corsair vengeance 8x2 3000mhz
wd blue 1tb 7200 rpm
wb blue 500gb m.2 ssd
gtx 750(my gtx 1660 ti will arrive in 2 weeks)
corsair vx450w (my evga b3 550w fully modular psu will arrive in 2 weeks as well)

As I was building my PC I went through a couple issues:
1. I reinstalled the CPU cooler and reapplied because I installed it wrong.
2.I had probably lack of thermal paste.
3. My mobo didn't include m.2 screw

I did take another screw from my self and screwed it inside the m.2 hole so the m.2 ssd was installed(hopefully because it was flat)
After I reapplied my thermal paste I noticed it was less paste than my first appliance.
I'm a bit worries because in idle BIOS the CPU 40c which seems wierd and is probably is a sign I have too little thermal paste installed.

So all these issues I went through the real reason I'm here, I downloaded a copy of Windows 10 Media Installation Tool to my USB flash drive and I booted Boot Menu (F11) But it randomly freezes, for instance: I'm downloading the windows 10 files to my M.2 SSD and it randomly freezes I camt move my mouse and I can't restart I have to hold shut down button or plug off the power cable. it happens just when I'm in the Windows 10 Media Installation Tool, it can be whenever, while choosing a languange, deleting/selecting drives etc...
I tried unplugging my harddrive to be with M.2 SSD only connected, I removed my RAM sticks, I removed my GPU, but nothing works, I have no clue what casues the PC to freeze while running the Windows 10 Media Installation Tool, I think its the CPU cooler not imstalled perfectly, not enough thermal paste, I'll try to reinstall my CPU + CPU cooler to check
if it fixes anything, but for now I'll wait for answeres, anything may help, thanks.
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