Question Windows 10 Freezing / Stuttering after waking from sleep

Mar 29, 2021
Its not immediate, although within around 2 minutes after waking from sleep, my entire OS essentially stutters intermittently, stuttering lasts for around 300ms or so, and repeats every second, for around 30s. Ive tried to check event viewer to see whether there was an error causing this but i cannot seem to find any way to isolate the issue, and it is quite rare and sometimes doesn't occur to begin with, hence making it quite difficult to identify what exactly is causing this. I'm using both my intel igpu and nvidia 1000 series card for 2 monitors, and it could even theoretically be a driver incompatibility. I'll try to use safe mode to check whether it is an application aside from the required fundamentals of the os thats causing this. Is there any way i can somehow detect what applications are causing this to begin with with either event viewer if it is even possible or any alternate methods? Ive tried to search for a way to solve this for quite some time but i cant seem to find anyone with a similar issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Edit: using latest nvidia drivers and windows ver 1909


Win 10 Master
Can you download and run Driverview -

All it does is looks at drivers installed; it won't install any (this is intentional as 3rd party driver updaters often get it wrong)

When you run it, go into view tab and set it to hide all Microsoft drivers, will make list shorter.

Now its up to you, you can look through the drivers and try to find old drivers, or you can take a screenshot from (and including)Driver name to (and including)Creation date.

upload it to an image sharing website and show link here

All I would do is look at driver versions (or dates if you lucky to have any) to see what might have newer versions.