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Question Windows 10 full retail not a bootable device?

Jul 5, 2020
I just built my first custom PC and purchased the full retail version of Windows 10 on a USB stick. I got past POST and changing my boot order to a USB drive, but kept getting an error message saying there was a problem with my Windows installation (the very next screen after I selected the version).

I couldn't figure out anything else to try, so I created a new Bootable Windows USB stick from the Windows website. It works just fine. Any ideas why?


Sounds like the files on the usb drive got corrupted or wasn't prepared properly from which it came. Anyway, it's just an image and most likely out of date, so what you did downloading the latest build is better off.


Win 10 Master
They would be making them in the millions, so there has to be some that don't work right when produced. Nothing is perfect, least of all Windows :)

I wonder what version the Retail version is running, I could guess its still 1909. Its always a good idea to update the USB if you are going to install as normally its only at max 6 months between versions and it will save time updating win 10 after install.
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