Discussion Windows 10 & Google


May 7, 2017

Every now and then I will reinstall Windows 10.
During and after installation, I confirm my identity with Microsoft via email so as to use and update my saved themes, passwords, settings and the like.
This email address is also used to confirm I am the owner of Windows 10.

I currently use a G-Mail account on file with Microsoft to do so. This is the account I used to purchase my copy of Windows and the account
I have used to make past purchases with Microsoft. I have never had any concerns when doing any of this.

However, I have recently received emails from Google stating in the title "take the next step on your Windows by confirming your Google Account settings"
and the content of the email stating "Welcome to Google on your new Windows. Next, take these 2 steps to confirm your Google Account settings"
with instructions and links. I have never received emails of this nature in the past, this is all new to me.

At the bottom of the email it states this: "This informational email was sent to ------------------ because you recently signed into your Google Account on your Windows.
If you do not wish to receive emails to help you set up your new device with Google when you sign into your account on the device for the first time, please unsubscribe."

Alright, so here's the deal. I did not sign into my Google Account on Windows. I provided Microsoft with an email address so as to prove my identity
so they not only know I own this copy of Windows 10, but so I can use and update my saved themes, passwords, settings and the like. This is no different than using any email
address associated with any other provider/email host available on the internet.

Not once in the Windows 10 installation/registration process did I sign into anything from Google. I signed into my Microsoft account using an email address associated with/provided from Google.
It bothers me that Google knows I have installed Windows 10 on a machine which I purchased directly from Microsoft.

How is this even possible? What right do they have knowing this? I could have easily used, let's say, an email address associated with Yahoo!,
would I start receiving emails from Yahoo!? Is Microsoft selling my information to companies that provide email addresses?

Have I overlooked something in all of this? If so, can someone please elaborate?
I'm not trying to come across as some nut with a foil hat on my head, but I just don't approve of Google having this information.