Windows 10 Help


Dec 9, 2016
so ive got a new samsung 850 evo 2.5 and i transferred the HDD to SSD with samsungs software and i got everything set and wiped the HDD. Then i made sure everything looked good and it did but when i went to make a restore point there was an extra C drive that coulnt be found then the SSD with os and stuff and my fresh Hdd with nothing on it. I make a restore and cut the pc off and now it want boot any ideas. Plz lmk <removed by moderator>
Welcome to the TH Community, @Riley_17!

Did you make sure that the cloning was successful before you wiped out the HDD's contents? I'd advise you post a screenshot of your Disk Management in Windows, so that we could take a better look at the system's partitions. If you are unable to boot from the SSD, try using your Windows 10 installation media or create a new one to boot from it into the Advanced StartUp Options and try resolving the issue with the OS booting from there. If that doesn't help you, I'd strongly recommend you consider doing a clean install of the OS onto the SSD, just make sure you unplug the secondary HDD from the system at that time, so that you would avoid the so-called OS confusion. What about the BIOS settings? Is the SSD in AHCI mode?

Keep me posted with the details!
SuperSoph_WD :)