Question Windows 10 Hotspot

May 11, 2019
Hello there, I just bought a brand new smart tv and got it in my room, im in the 3rd floor and my wifi modem is in the 2nd floor, i got an ethernet cable connected to my Windows 10 PC and i want to use the Hotspot future feature in Windows 10 because my WiFi doesn't reach my room. What do i need to use that?
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The function is called ICS and microsoft has some pretty good guides on their site. Unless money is a huge issue I would not do it that way. You can get any inexpensive router and use it as a AP. This will give you more ethernet ports and also expand the wifi to the remote part of the house.

You have to be somewhat careful what you do with your PC when you are using it to provide network services. You might cause data loss and delays if you do intensive things on your pc when you are using it as a router.