Question Windows 10 huge delay in games ?

Ganesh Shirgaonkar

Aug 9, 2015
while playing online games there is huge delay in games. i play csgo on windows 10 but it feels like enemies running 1-2 sec ahead of me .

i tried most of the tweaks on the internet but it still feels delayed.
got frustrated and i tried pop os , saw reviews on youtube and i was able to flick shot any one in csgo. all that delay was gone. i was confident enough to take awp and rush the site

the only problem was i did not understand that os. i m even unable to run an exe file on that os plus apex legend dont support it,

if any one knows how can i improve my windows please provide me solution. i want to feel the game as i was on my old pc.
PC spec : i5 8600k
z370 rog strix
gtx 1060 6gb
16gb 3600hz
850 w psu
nvme wd black
144hz lg monitor
internet 10 mbps up and down