Question Windows 10 infinite boots, can't get into recovery mode, cant do anything


Jul 25, 2016
A few weeks ago my computer started to take an infinite amount of time booting into windows. This was solved by rolling back to a previous saved OS state. Worked fine for a week and then it happened again. So I booted into recovery and rolled back to a state from a few days earlier. This time it didn't work, however after restarting it enough times it eventually started up.

Now today, I restart the system and its happening again. Sometimes the loading circle with dots animation never shows up, other times it does. It tries to boot into recovery which either never gets past the preparing dialogue or it does get past it and it just goes to a black screen, I've waited probably 30 minutes and it never does anything. I see the cursor but nothing happens.

When it gets stuck on the loading animation the keyboard, mouse, speaker, any thing else that has lights on it will light up for a few seconds and then turn off exactly once and then never again. Oddly, plugging something into a USB port makes everything light up and then turn off. Unplugging does the same thing.

So I figured I would try using a USB drive to recover from, and it gets to the point where the window to do stuff should show up but then just never does. So I tried an Ubuntu one and it got all the way loaded, but the displays don't pick up a signal.

I honestly don't even know whats happening. This happened when I started using folding at home, so maybe theres something with that? I'd try not using for a little while to see if that helps but I kinda cant. I'd try reinstalling windows but even the recovery drive doesn't work so that's useless.

For reference:

i5 4690k,
16GB Corsair vengeance lp 1600 ram
Boot drive is an SSD.


Win 10 Master
what PSU have you got? how old is it?

what displays do you have?
were you overclocked?

blank screens + no display signal could mean either GPU isn't working fully or the PSU isn't supplying the power necessary to run display.

Could try removing GPU and running off the motherboard connections (and CPU) and see if that makes any difference to installs.

On another PC, download the Windows 10 media creation tool and use it to make a win 10 installer on USB - might be more assistance than a recovery drive.