Question Windows 10 Insert Boot Media and Press Key after Blue Screen During Update


Feb 22, 2020

Recently, my computer decided to update.

At 49% the PC froze and I was presented with a blue screen. I believe the error was DPC_Watchdog_Violation. Since then, every time I try to boot from my SSD it asks me to insert the correct boot media and reboot or press any key to boot from a bootable device.
I managed to find an SSD with my previous windows build on it, however it is over a year old and I am missing important files and programs.

Is there any way I can fix my SSD? I've tried all the start up repair methods with the Windows 10 iso USB, and ran CHKDSK on my drive multiple times with 0 errors found, but I still cant boot.

Any help or suggestions?



Win 10 Master
getting a bsod during an update isn't going to end well

what did you try with the USB?

I think you likely need to back up anything you can off C and fresh install

How to save info off PC -
Boot from the installer

  • on screen after languages, choose repair this pc, not install.
  • choose troubleshoot
  • choose advanced
  • choose command prompt
  • type notepad and press enter
  • in notepad, select file>open
  • Use file explorer to copy any files you need to save to USB or another hdd
once you done that, I would clean install and hope you don't BSOD during the install process

follow this guide: