Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 18234 Brings New Sticky Notes Features and More

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I do wish M$ would put more effort into fixing long standing bugs instead of cramming new junk down our throats. File explorer has been crashing since 1607 and there is no fix in sight. The settings app randomly just crashes - Just to name a couple of issues.

I don't think I've used one single M$ APP since Windows 10 was first released, and never will, so As Jojesa says - Better to spend time on the fixes than the new features
Need an update that fix program hangs when shutting down computer, system restore that actually works, a better way to go to safe mode, an automatic repair that works when boot corruption happens.
Now that you mentioned, System Restore has been around for 18 years and it is as unreliable as when introduced.
Disabling System Restore is one of the first things I do on a new system since is just a waste of storage space.

It used to take 2 steps to access safe mode, press F8 and click Safe mode, but that was to convenient.
Now it takes at least 6 steps using System Configuration, which is the easy and also the fastest way.

I don't have any issues with crashing apps or hanging but Sleep mode is unreliable and many times a computer will not wake up when it is supposed to.



Sep 14, 2012
Completely agreed: there are way too many outstanding issues in Windows that don't get fixed but have been present for years.
- file explorer UI lag and crashes
- stupid rules about logons (i.e. when no password is present)
- dual screen issues: blurry apps, poor scaling, icons with wanderlust, ...
- settings and control panel hell (jeez, what a mess!)
- declining customization of UI colors
- update issues, loss of control
- poor control of of rights for non-admin users
- declining and confusing (local) group policy use in Windows Pro
- complete decline of parental controls in Windows 10 (now requires an MS account for the kids, really?)
- confusing versions of Windows 10 (Pro is hardly pro anymore, is it?).
- .... on and on,

Come on MS, get your act together!


Jul 12, 2018
I must be lucky, never had file explorer crash on me yet, in any recent build. Really hope that the file explorer improvements for Outlook are just that, improvements, because what MS did the last time they "improved" outlook makes me spout 4 letter words almost anytime I go to save a new document.
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