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Question Windows 10 Install Failing

Oct 8, 2019

Recently put together a PC for my parents. Purchased a new SSD and when attempting to Install Windows 10, it gets as far as 'Getting files ready for installation' around 31% and then the PC just turns off and it reboots and goes to black screen with 'reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in a seclected boot device and press a key'

Specs -

MB- B250M Gaming Pro
CPU - Intel G4560
Memory - Crucial 8GB DDr4 2400Mhz
SSD - Sandisk 120GB
PSU - Cooler master rs-500-psap-j3
Hyper Evo 212

I am installing via a USB and onto the newely formatted drive.

I have tried using different SATA cables, Re-seated the RAM checked all connections and wires.

The PSU is from an Old computer that I tested works before.

I have tried with a HDD instead of the SSD

I have even deleted and re-downloaded the win10 Install for the USB.

I have tried UEFI Mode, and Legacy mode.

I have used 2 different USB's.

Everytime it gets to 30% and my PC turns off and restarts.

I really don't know what else to do. My only concern is the PSU, maybe due to its age? But it worked fine in the computer I took it out of so I don't understand.

Please help
Oct 8, 2019
Old or subpar power supplies cause more problems than you can imagine. Coolermaster power supplies do not have a very good reputation for quality. This is likely the source of many of your problems.
Hi , thanks for the response. I think my mind is leaning towards that being the issue, I just don’t understand why it always cuts off at 30%. I can keep the PC on for like 5 hours and nothing happens, soon as I do the install it crashes. Is this because the SSD starts drawing power at this point and the PSU can’t take it with the newer MB etc.