Apr 26, 2019
Just installed a motherboard (ROG strix z390-I, got it second hand) with a brand new cpu (i7 8700k). I have a brand new SSD (samsung 850 evo 500gb) that I'm trying to install windows 10 on. Every time I try to boot from the usb windows install drive (created with RUFUS and a win10 iso) the computer is freezing. The freeze happens at a random time after I boot from the usb. Sometimes it happens immediately while the screen is black, sometimes it happens when the little white dots are spinning around beneath the windows logo. If it gets past the windows logo it immediately blue screens every time (Sad face and "Windows ran into a problem. We will restart.."). The odd thing is even if it blue screens, it still freezes. It always freezes before the blue screen finishes typing the restart message.

Does anyone have any idea what I can try? I have spent the last few hours googling and trying things and getting nowhere. Things I have tried:
  1. Tried different usb ports (2.0, 3.1, 3.2, front ports, back mobo ports)
  2. Have tried different usb devices (8gb noname brand, 16gb samsung)
  3. Have tried various rufus and bios setting combinations such as GPT or MBR while booting with legacy or uefi with csm on and off.
  4. Have tried turning secure boot on and off
Nothing has changed the symptoms at all.

Any help is appreciated. I'm so lost with this right now. I'm very worried the second hand motherboard is faulty, but I refuse to believe that it is until we've tried absolutely everything..