[SOLVED] Windows 10 Installation problems


Jun 21, 2015
I cant seem to get windows 10 installed on this build although it posts and i can get into the bios fine. I have a windows 10 bootable usb with the latest windows 10 iso put on it through rufus. Every time in try to boot off of it, it seems to initalize something but then just hangs, see here: https://ibb.co/sykwJ36 is what it displays when it hangs, it just does that forever. I have tried a new bootable usb (new usb, iso download and rufus again) same thing happens (also the usb boots fine on other PCs). Swapped around ram and gpu. Psu is 750w (~700w on 12v) so should be more than plently. I also tried installing windows on the drive i want it installed on but with it connected to a different pc, windows installed without any problems, put it back in the original PC and it hangs on the mobo logo screen and says 'preparing automatic repair' forever.

PS. i have a beep speaker in it and havent got any unusual beep codes just the one short beep to indicate post.

Updates -
-it is now posting and restarting straight away and occasionally showing a bluescreen every now and then with different stop codes eveytime irql_not_less_or_equal being the most common
-have now tried a new psu still getting the same result
i will try swapping out the mobo next as i have a b85 board that may work


i5 4460

gigabyte ga-h81m (updated to lastest bios)

2x 4gb ram

gpus have tried - gt710 and gtx960

psu is a CX750m

I am trying to install widnows on a WD green 120gb sata ssd

there is also a wd 1tb hdd that is not connected
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hi, go to bios and go to bios features page
here you should see windows 8 features
set it to Windows 8
set CSM support to never
set storage boot option to UEFI