Question Windows 10 installment not working !

Jan 8, 2020
I had a HDD in my system and I upgraded to a ssd so I reset my pc to start everything fresh with the new ssd , I installed windows ISO to a usb and reset my system . But I’m having a problem where when the windows is done it just goes to bios , (keep in mind I remove the usb when it says restarting pc , because if I leave it in there it just loops back to windows again and I have to redo everything it’s just a loop if I leave the usb in there , but when it goes to the bios it doesn’t detect my ssd !!! It’s so annoying I haven’t been able to use my pc for 2 days and I got school work to do if any wine can help it would be much appreciated.

Specs -
Cpu -I3 8100
Cpu cooler -212 evo rgb
Gpu -Rx vega 64
Mother board - b360 aorus gaming 3 WiFi
Ssd - wd blue m.2 250 GB
Psu- 600w