Question Windows 10 Instant Search alternative ?


Dec 23, 2016
With Windows 7 ..... whatever folder you were in, if you used the search function at the top right hand side of the window it would start to instantly search and give you results as soon as you typed the 1st letter narrowing the results the more letters you typed .... Windows 10 doesn't.

I know there are various 3rd party tools like Everything (and many others) but they search the whole PC rather than the folder you're in and it's subfolders.
I spent a few hours playing with Everything last night and you an change the home page to search a drive so it prefills say g: or you can add a bookmark that does pretty much the same BUT and this may sound trivial to many but I use this function at leaast 50 times every single day at work ... if you then want to do a 2nd search you have to carefully backspace so you don't remove the g: in the address bar or whatever drive you're searching ..... I also go to several different folders where I want to limit the search to just that folder or subfolders to narrow the results.

To put it into perspective of how much harder it makes my job, I upgraded my work PC to Windows 10 and when I found it was missing this function I rolled it back to Windoows 7.

To save me having to try every single one of them does anybody know of any 3rd party software that does this?