Question Windows 10 Issue

Nov 17, 2020
Hello! I have an ASUS laptop running Windows 10. In the last couple of days, it's developed an issue which after booting, the computer shows my login screen. Unfortunately, it automatically logs in (I don't have a password), and then my desktop and taskbar are blacked out. (Like when you boot, and it's loading.) But, my Windows key is functional and opens the little menu on the left side, though any icons or programs I click are unresponsive. I can open task manager, and when I hit the Windows key afterwards I can see the task bar. If I hover over the Task Manager in the task bar, it minimizes the black veil (I don't know what else to call it..) and shows me my desktop. But if I attempt to open the task manager, or stop hovering my mouse pointer over the task manager, then it all goes black again. If I click my mouse, I receive a "DING" as if there was a window open which must be closed before continuing.

I've booted into safe mode and turned off every start up program except Avast, and I'm not sure what could be causing this issue. Is anyone familiar with this happening, or does anyone have a suggestion on how to fix it? Thank you!

Edit: When booting into Safe Mode, this problem does not occur.