Question Windows 10 keeps crashing


Feb 7, 2015
I have this incredibly frustrating problem with my system. It keeps crashing once in a while and I can not fix it.
So what happens is my pc starts acting strange before the crash. I start it up and I can't login using my pin, some sort of error (I don't remember what exactly). Can't do anything else but restart and when I do it tries to repair but fails. And then I can't seem to fix it.

What I tried:
To prevent:
-Turn off automatic updates
-Uninstall other windows installations
-Got a new CPU, motherboard, RAM, SSD

To repair:
-The bootrec commands and many other attempts at using the command prompt.
-Reinstalled like 10 times by now, the problem has been recurring for about 2 years.
-All other options in advanced trouble shooting

I narrowed it down to:
-A faulty additional harddrive, this one is pretty old and works much slower than it did when it was new. At times it's at 100% usage, even when I'm not doing much
-A faulty PSU, don't know why but this is the only part that is not replaced next to the old HDD.
-Some sort of virus/malware. I have a good antivirus program but who knows.

Thanks in advance. It would be amazing if I could fix this so I dont have to reinstall Windows every few weeks/months.
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