Question Windows 10 laptop refuses to use dedicated gpu


Mar 3, 2012
Like I stated. It's an asus nitro 5, purchased abroad.

Posted screen shots, nvidia control panel has the right settings, even a manual exception added. windows settings has the manual setting selected. But no dice. Using mount and blade warbands, a 12 year old game, which any laptop with dedicated graphics should have 0 trouble running. Changed physx and 3d, and added exception both in windows settings and nvidia. Still uses integrated. There seems to be no way to force windows 10 to use dedicated graphics. when i disable the integrated driver, rather than switching to dedicated graphics, it switches to windows basic display adapter. Also there is no setting to change the internal display adapter.

3d exception (nvidia control panel)

graphics exception (windows settings)

physx controller-notice how even though i selected the gpu, it's still using the cpu.

proof that it's still using the cpu, not the gpu. Dedicated is gpu 1, integrated is gpu 0. Getting like 10 fps or less, even when not windowed.

windows settings, showing the display adapter can't be changed
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Asus never made a Nitro 5 laptop. I'm presuming you're referring to an Acer Nitro 5 laptop? If not, were you talking about an Asus Strix/ROG laptop? Could you see if your laptop is pending any BIOS updates? Also, what version of Nvidia's driver are you working with? What version(not edition) of Windows 10 are you working with?



"asus nitro 5, purchased abroad."

Where abroad?

I tend (full disclosure) to be a bit skeptical about hardware from other than well known vendors and sources.

Update your post to include full system hardware specs and OS information.

Regarding: "12 year old game, which any laptop with dedicated graphics should have 0 trouble running."

Not something that I would necessarily accept. There are old applications that used what are now obsolete hardware and system configurations etc. and will not run because such configurations are no longer supported, Backwards compatibility is not a certainty.

You might need a "retro" configured computer to make the game(s) run.