[SOLVED] Windows 10 laptop sometimes reboots completely when waking up from sleep.

Sep 8, 2020
Basically, whenever i put my laptop to sleep, the next time i try wake it up it either wakes up normally, or reboots the OS completely. I've noticed that is the instances this happens, i havent had any programs open when putting it to sleep. Is this normal, or could it be a technical problem? I'm not sure if this matters, but i leave my charger plugged in all day while i study, since i dont really leave my desk, and the laptop itself is on throughout the day (aside from when i put it on sleep), ie 9 AM through about 2 AM.
also, i dont do anything particularly taxing with it, just loading pdfs of exam papers and solving them, though i do play some fortnite at minimum settings for about an hour and a half per day.

btw, the laptop is an acer aspire 5, if that is relevant.

Thanks for any insight you can provide!