Question windows 10 loads up on 4:3 dell monitor but stuck in power save mode (using displayport to vga)

Apr 12, 2023
Hello, My Dell monitor is stuck in power save mode, the windows loading logo boots up but it doesnt actually open desktop browser
its working when I use the monitor with an AV cable to vga adapter.
if i press a button on the monitor itself it sais "power save mode, press any key to continue"
i could press any key but nothing happens, my televisions at home are plugged in with HDMI
the dell monitor Im having problems maybe with displayport to vga cable
my computer specs are pretty good not sure why im having this technical error
theres no option to turn off power save mode through settings

Dell 15" 4:3 1024x768 Monitor E152FPc
gator-cable from ebay - displayport to vga cable

pc specs
windows 10 operating system
i9 10850k
rx 580 8gb
16gb ram