Question Windows 10 Logo then black screen


Jul 31, 2017
Hi all,
This goes across hardware as well, but I chose to post in Software.
I recently picked up a free tower computer and it was all working nice to begin with, at least for the day. GTX 960 -
Sabertooth Z22 - i7 3xxx CPU - 16GB ram
Then problem one started, and that was the CPU fan cable falling out while computer was on, but idle. I plugged it back in, and let the CPU cool down after a while. Problem 2 was then turning the computer on and coming across the windows (4 tiles) logo for a couple seconds, then black screen and nothing. I have since gone through reset this pc, with no luck, and also used Windows 10 Creation Tool, thinking it was a problem with Windows. I still get the same problem after doing this. Very rarely will it actually boot up properly and go to the desktop.
I have done everything with system diagnostics.
Whenever I did get through to the desktop, I checked device managers display adaptors to see if any drivers were missing and they were all fine.
I then launched safe mode and opened device manager again and uninstalled the graphics card to see if it was a display problem, it did work for a bit, I am yet to reinstall the dribers, but another problem I have is the 'pci simple communications controller' in device manager. It can't find any drivers, and I have tried the intel management engine interface with no luck again.
In the end, it all comes around to the windows logo and black screen.
Does anybody have any tips/ideas or information?
Any help would be much appreciated.