Windows 10 made "another user" after disabling automatic login

Sep 23, 2018
A day ago i made a second account on my brother's computer, everything went well i made the account and it worked. After restarting the computer i noticed it automaticly logs in the last user that logged in. I went ahead and disabled "Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer". A new window came and it wanted me to enter user credentials i left everything blank since i did not wanted to make another account. Everything seemed to work fine automatic login was disabled but Windows 10 made another account called "Another User" It made that user just because i disabled automatic login. Im confused i also tried to delete "Another User" On a administrator account but it seems like "Another user" is not in the list of users.

Can somebody help me delete this unwanted "Another User"

This is the option i disabled :
And this was the new windows that opend when i disabled that option i left it blank :

Thank you for reading!

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