News Windows 10 May Be Getting an Apps-as-Tabs Feature


Nov 24, 2010
Tabs feature is already here for anybody to use! While Microsoft has been playing the indecisive Hamlet, two companies already offer a very low-cost tabs feature with a 30-day free trial.

My favorite is called "Groupy" and it's available from the folks at Groupy makes it easy to organize multiple applications into grouped tabs on your Windows desktop -- and/or to set it so all Word files open in a single window with tabs instead of multiple instances of Word. You can set it up to do this with files from must about any modern application. Normally $9.99, it's currently (March 14, 2020) on sale for $4.99. It works like a gem in Windows 10, 8, 8.1 and even 7. You can install one license on each of two computers.

The other is TidyTabs from It does everything that Groupy does, just not as visually pleasing to my taste. There's a free version that lets you group 3 tabs together and the licensed version with no tab limits for $18.00 - with substantial discounts for 2 or more licenses. It's really all a matter of personal preference (and price) as to which would suit you the best. But with 30-day free trials available, you can test them both and decide.

Both applications allow you to group together different programs with tabs -- all in the same window. And they also allow you to set it up so that all files you open in a program will open in the same window with a tab for each file. Both offer considerable customization if you don't like the defaults.