Question Windows 10 moves windows around with multiple display port monitors


Apr 18, 2010
I just switched my video around. I've been using Windows 10 (64 bit) for about a year and a half now. Prior to about 3 weeks ago I was using two older DVI connected LED Acer monitors. All was fine. I just upgraded my video to a Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1660 Ti WINDFORCE OC 6G and three Dell U2717D monitors. Most of the time this is terrific for doing development work. But I've noticed that when I get all my programs arranged where I want them and work for a while, then shut off my monitors to grab lunch, when I come back and turn them on, Windows, in it's INFINITE WISDOM has moved ALL my programs to my main monitor. Wow. Brilliant Microsoft. This really blows. I've looked all over for how to circumnavigate this nonsense (other than not turning them off) but I'm not finding anything at all useful. Why would anyone in the world want all their carefully arranged windows shifted around on their own? Jeez. Yes. A rant. I'm awed that this is a thing. Anyone know how to make it NOT do this? Anyone know if HDMI does the same thing?

Also, if I sometimes use 2 monitors and them sometimes use 3, I always have to go into the NVIDIA control panel to tell it which is my main monitor and where they belong. Again, Windows seems to know better than me as to how to manage my monitors. Ugh. Not cool. I wish it would just leave things the way I put them and not screw around with what I've set up.

(Bill Gates probably isn't reading this, LOL, but boy I'd love to read him my list of Microsoft annoyances sometime)

Thanks in advance for any help!