Question windows 10 new build freezing randomly.


Dec 21, 2013
i updated my hardware for a new system and specs as follows

  1. asus rog rampage vi extreme omega
  2. i9 7900x cpu.
  3. 4x8gb 4000mhz viper steel ram @ 19-19-19-39-2t xmp.
  4. samsung 970 pro os drive and xpg 8200pro drive on either side of dimm.2 module.
  5. evag 2080ti ultra gaming and asus rog stric 2080ti in sli.
  6. 1 ssd and 2 hdd's.
  7. evga 1600w psu.
  8. custom waterloop
i am not overclocking either cpu or memory, all of them at defaults, i upgraded mobo from asus rog rampage vi apex to above mentioned mobo and i have been having random freezing issues and i cant figure out why, was having various cpu codes in debug and they seem to have solves once i increased vccio and vccsa to 1.0500 and now during post it hangs briefly at code 99 and b4 which are vga bios codes but it goes past them slowly and system boots, hangs occur when on idle and while running nvme performance tests using crystadiskmark 7 and at random too.

i have a usb rgb keyboard and mice, 4 oculus sensors and headset usb and 4tb seagate backup drive connected to front panel usb so i thought may be pch was not getting enough voltage so i increased it to 1.0500 and while i was typing this message it froze twice and finally retyped and finished the message, any ideas, ran memtest86 and 64 for 3 hours with no faults, intelburn test for an hour just to make sure and no faults, btw i have windows 10 19h2 1909 version. any ideas appreciated.